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How Uber Runs Facebook Ads

Uber is a big player in Facebook ads, with cross-promotions between Uber Eats and Rewards and heavy A/B testing. Shame about the dynamic ads though!

How Casper Runs Facebook Ads

Casper made mattresses interesting again with premium design and branding which permeates their Facebook marketing.

How Harry's Runs Facebook Ads

Harry's marketing team have some of the best designed assets we've seen. Shame that they rely so heavily on the same testimonial for adcopy!

How Yahoo Runs Facebook Ads

What do you do when you can advertise everything? The answer: advertise anything. Check out all of the weird and wondering things Yahoo promotes.

How Hired Runs Facebook Ads

Where the jobs apply to you. Hired flips the recruitment model on its head for in-demand software engineers, but how are they doing at Facebook ads?