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Introducing The Swipefile

In the era of invasive tracking and personalized advertising it can be easy to forget that every successful marketing campaign begins and ends with the creative. I built The Swipefile as a collection of best practices from 10 years and $40m spent on digital marketing, to inspire performance marketers to test more ads. As a data-driven marketer myself from an Economics background, it took me a long time to credit the value of brand and see it in the numbers. Now I'm convinced that creative testing is the only thing that really matters‚ÄĒwith Google and Facebook's advancements in machine learning and automation I think it will soon be the only thing left within our control at all. I hope you learn as much from the Swipefile as I did building it.

- Michael Taylor, Co-Founder at Ladder.io

Meet The Team

Michael Taylor

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Data-driven, technical marketer with $40m+ spent across PPC, SEO, SMO, CRO & CRM. Founder at Ladder where we've helped over 200 companies grow in the US and EU.

Edwin Plotts

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Edwin Plotts is head of growth at Ladder - an award-winning growth agency (very meta, I know) that's been a driving force of success for Monzo Bank, Booking.com, Time Out and more.